The Power of Employer Brand for Hiring and Retention

When it comes to hiring and retention, your employer brand is huge. It’s your company’s value proposition combined with overall reputation that prospective and current employees use to evaluate whether or not your company is the right place to work. Employers need to meet high expectations and find innovative ways to communicate their culture to these audiences.

In this panel webinar, HR leaders from Glassdoor, Sapling, Rapid7, and Culture Amp, will discuss how to leverage your employer brand to attract and retain top talent. Expert panelists from high-performance, hyper-growth organizations will answer your questions and share their practical experience, starting with how to ensure that your company values act as a rallying force for each team member in your company.

The conversation will also cover these key aspects of building a powerful employer brand:

- The best employee perks to boost your employer brand
- How to define and showcase your employer value proposition
- How to use your organization’s core beliefs as a rallying force for attracting and retaining your top talent