The Future of HR: How Collaboration Can Move the Needle in 2020

HR leaders face multiple challenges when it comes to showcasing the ROI on their recruitment, onboarding, and retainment initiatives. Not only that, but People Operations and HR teams experience additional pain-points when it comes to meeting the expectations of internal stakeholders, collaborating, and managing global teams in an inclusive and sensitive way.

So how can HR professionals help their company move the needle in a way that counts in 2020? In this webinar we’ll hear from HR leaders, culture ambassadors, and security experts about how you can get key stakeholders involved in your HR collaboration initiatives. We’ll provide examples of successful programs you can establish and discuss the impressive results you can achieve.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn company stakeholders from blockers into collaborators
  • Start successful recruitment, collaboration, and employee experience initiatives
  • Showcase HR contributions and demonstrate how your programs have increased ROI