The Future of Hiring and Onboarding

Now more than ever before, hiring managers are being challenged to rethink the traditional ways of hiring and onboarding new team members.

Watch an insightful discussion with industry experts and learn how they shifted their tactics to go remote and lay a strong foundation for success in the future.


Moderated by:

  • Sinead Starnes, Senior Customer Success Manager at Codility


  • Could you share your experience? How did your company switch into full remote and what challenges have you met?
  • How did the current crisis affect your hiring processes/has anything changed in your recruitment processes?

Remote Screening

  • What tactics do you use for screening at the moment?
  • Do you have a strategy for working with passive candidates in current times?
  • What risks do you see in evaluating candidate’s skills remotely

Remote Interviewing

  • What challenges have you faced during the transition to remote interviewing?
  • How to prepare hiring managers and candidates for a new interviewing process?
  • How to humanize the interaction during the hiring process?
  • How do you improve a candidate experience during remote interviews? 

Info/tips to use

  • Replicating the on-site interview process virtually: prep call, testing & explaining how to use technology, simulating the in-office experience
  • Don’t forget about the feedback: virtual de-briefs
  • More important than ever to build relationships. Remote coffee chats or happy hours with candidates
  • Translate best practices from the traditional onsite interviews into remote reality: i.e., lead the candidate through the entire interviewing agenda; virtual office tour
  • Be ready for faster interview process + slower offer decision
  • More emphasis on working sessions to compensate for the lack of in-person interactions
  • Checking for soft skills (i.e. flexibility in thinking, ability to learn new skills, and being able to solve challenges despite ambiguity) is even more important 
  • Make sure to understand what motivates the candidate, find out his/her concerns (if any), make sure to be transparent about the position, company, future plans - that’s important in our unstable environment

Remote Onboarding

  • What does onboarding look like for you?
  • What are your concerns around remote onboarding?
  • What tools/resources do you use for your onboarding process?
  • How are you cultivating collaboration with the new hire? What are your general practices in teams across company 


  • How do you think the future of hiring/tech hiring will look?