The Blueprint to Sustainable Growth: 5 Phases of Employee Development

Join us as we discuss the challenges and best practices for each of the 5 stages of employee development - onboarding, performance, development, engagement, and brand ambassador.


  • Agata Zasada - People & Culture @ Bananatag
  • Jeff Diana - High Growth Consultant (& previous CPO @ Atlassian) 
  • Lisette Venema - Customer Success Manager @ Impraise
  • Darsh Arunasalam - Marketing Manager @ Impraise


1. Onboarding phase (@6:05)

Discussion question: "Once your new hire accepts their offer - how can HR best support them to quickly get up to speed?"

2. Performance phase (16:22)

Discussion question: "How have you enabled your employee for success through tools, goals, and processes?"

3. Development phase (30:58)

Discussion question: "How do we align career development goals with business goals?"

4. Engagement phase (44:10)

Discussion question: "How can you further encourage performance and engagement with recognition?"

5. Brand Ambassador phase (51:30)

Discussion question: "How can your employees leave as brand ambassadors?"