How Is Your Organization Preparing For The “Next Normal”

In recent weeks we’ve noticed the rise in online discussion around post-pandemic job changes. Some employees love working remotely and don’t want to be forced back to an office. Others can’t wait to get back to an office, but their organization may no longer have one. Times have changed and so have employees' expectations. This workforce shuffle brings many challenges for HR and People leaders to retain their top talent.

Join Sapling, Bravely, and Lever for a live panel discussion on ‘The big shuffle: How is your organization preparing for the next normal’. Hear from leading HR experts at Webflow, Sapling, and Bravely.

In this session you will learn:

  • Trends driving the new post-pandemic workplace
  • How to prioritize your employees’ Mental Health and well-being during this “next normal”
  • How to keep connection and growth alive regardless of remote, hybrid, and in-office location