How to Scale your team Globally (while staying Compliant)

As the world continues to shift in a global direction, People Team leaders are often faced with two key challenges:

  1. how to maintain the employee experience at scale
  2. how to bring in talent in new markets while remaining compliant

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to tackle both challenges with Marialena Savvopoulou (Compensation &Benefits Specialist at Beat) and Alex Bouaziz (Co-Founder & CEO at Deel). Their expertise covers the full spectrum of company growth: Beat currently has 800 employees across 7 countries, and Deel is at 30 employees just about to enter global hyper-growth.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to deliver a consistent company experience no matter where your employees are located
  • Do’s and don’ts when it comes to keeping global compliance in check
  • Best practices for both smaller stage startups and larger companies continuing to grow into new markets
  • What are favorite resources are to help prepare HR/finance teams to globally scale (hiring FTE or independent contractors)

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  4. How to hire an independent contractor - guide
  5. Country-specific compliance - guides organized per country and employee type 
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