Deep Dive on How to Leverage Advanced People Analytics to Optimize Talent

In this mini-webinar we chatted with Phylicia Jones, Director, Global Talent Development at PagerDuty about how to leverage advanced people analytics to optimize talent.

We asked Phylicia:

  • As a people leader, how can we make sure the story we’re telling with your data stays relevant?
  • What was a big ‘aha’ moment have you had analyzing your People Data?
  • What ‘north star’ metrics do you track, and what strategic People decisions do they help support?
  • Is there anything else you might not have gotten a chance to share during the webinar that you think would be helpful for other People Leaders to learn from your data journey so far?

This was a follow-up interview to PJ's speaker role on the webinar: 3 Best Practices for Optimizing Talent with Advanced Analytics