How to Create an Authentic Employee Experience at Scale

Organizations are shifting their focus from why employees need to work, to why employees want to work. To better deliver on the want side, it’s important to create an authentic employee experience in the workplace. 

Employee experience is the collection of perceptions formed by employees regarding their daily interactions with the organization. To break it down, employee experience can be thought of in three parts; the technological environment, the physical environment, and the cultural environment. A positive employee experience is linked to an increase in workplace enthusiasm, business performance and organizational commitment; three key components to improving an organization’s workplace culture. What can you do to create an authentic workplace culture that shapes your employee experience?

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Establish tangible programs and initiatives to create an authentic employee experience
  • Leverage technology to optimize and analyze the impact of your employee experience 
  • Maintain your culture during times of rapid growth