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Elevate and automate your Employee Experience. 

Investing in HR systems to better your employee experience is a critical business decision. So why choose Sapling? We've answered the most frequently asked questions below why companies choose to switch to Sapling to power their employee experience.

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Why choose Sapling?

When you create a great employee experience, HR can better support their teams to do their best work. 

Automate all of your HR processes during the entire employee lifecycle:



Is our organization a good fit with Sapling?

Sapling serves fast growing, mid-sized companies ranging from 50 employees up to several thousand.

We love mid-sized companies, because you care deeply about the entire employee experience from preboarding to offboarding and love the collaboration and productivity benefits produced with G Suite. Just like us.


How quickly can I implement Sapling?

It’s easier than you might think!

With help from our Customer Success team, you’ll have Sapling implemented in as little as 3-6 weeks.

Whether you’re switching from a PEO, Spreadsheets or another HR Platform, Sapling’s team will guide you through the process, support your data migration, and advise on best practices moving forward.


Will my team use Sapling?

Yes! Your team can upload documents, fill out their own profile, explore the company org chart, request PTO, meet their assigned buddy, and more.  

Sapling is designed to feel as intuitive for your employees as Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s also highly customizable to your brand so your team to feels more connected to your company.  



Will I really save time?

If you’re like our average community member, you’ll get back over 100 hours a month of time that you spent on tactical, administrative tasks.

With our robust, company-branded dashboard you can centralize communication and track your employees’ tasks, so nothing in their automated workflows is missed. Brooke Greco, Director of People Ops, at ProsperWorks said, “the dashboard alone is serving the place of what a full-time hire would.”

The ROI continues when on average, a mid size company saves an estimated $80,000 a year from minimizing the amount of time HR teams and stakeholders spend on processes during new hire onboarding.

We want you to get back to doing the work you love like building strategy, culture, and increasing team performance.



How much help will our team get once using Sapling?

Our Customer Success team is here to do just that, accelerate your success! Don't just take our word for the it! See our reviews.

With Sapling, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success team member each step of the way through implementation and beyond, answering your questions in a timely manner and providing you with best practices.

Check out our current customers feedback on our Customer Success Program.


What happens after implementation?

Sapling requires a relatively simple deployment, meaning the value is instant. 

After that, our software is cloud-based and built on a modern technology stack so there’s only one version of Sapling.

We’re constantly enhancing our platform to make it better, so you’re always getting access to our latest technology innovations helping to drive visibility, consistency and data into your people programs.


Does Sapling integrate with the tools I'm already using?

We want to make it easy for Sapling to be the system of record for all of your employee data. So, it’s important to us that we integrate with the best-of-breed tools in the ecosystem.

Our pre-built integrations sync across all of your key systems: ATS, Payroll, Benefits and Productivity tools.

Check out our ever-growing roster of integration partners.


How do I convince my higher-ups?

We know bosses like data-driven decisions. With Sapling, your leadership team has direct access to the data they need.

You’ll have all of your people data in one place so both you and your managers will be empowered to make data-driven decisions from data across the entire employee lifecycle. 

We help ramp up your new hire’s speed to productivity with Sapling’s clear onboarding plan and automated reminders. When a new hire’s ramp to productivity is shorter, that’s easy savings for your company. 

Our customer said it best, "Sapling has taken our onboarding process to the next level both internally and externally." We're here to do that for your team!


When’s the best time to switch?

Whether you're preparing for headcount growth, implementing other HR/Backoffice software, or simply spotting inefficiencies in your existing HR software, Sapling can be implemented year-round.

Sapling has helped thousands of team members, managers and People Operations leaders build a streamlined and consistent employee experience.

If you’re ready to make the employee experience better for everyone in your company, then schedule a demo with one of our product experts.


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