A People Operations Platform that grows with your startup

Sapling gives you intuitive tools, deep integrations and an experience employees love, and avoids the vendor lock-ins that come with All-in-one solutions.

You can swap ATS systems, payroll providers, and more as you grow without having to move your core HR processes like onboarding, offboarding, promotions, or relocations.

With an agile HR stack, you'll be able to streamline processes, update tools as your company changes, and ensure your team can keep moving fast.

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Sapling has cut the time we spend collecting new hire information and tracking employee leave in half - at least.

This saves us over $250,000 in productive time each quarter.
Yasmine Elkabir, Director of HR

How AiFi Built a Global Employee Hub with Sapling’s People Operations Platform

Task automation empowered AiFi’s People Operations team to organize processes across different types of employees - full time and contract.

Additionally, having Sapling as the employee hub provided access to information for all relevant stakeholders to create an excellent new hire experience from day one without all of the lost productivity.

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