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Returning to the office during COVID-19 will take flexibility, resilience, and patience. We're here to support you with the right tools for what's ahead.

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Leading remote companies trust Sapling for their People Operations

Bulk onboarding

Save time by onboarding multiple employees at once

Auto-assign workflows, documents, and more based on employee Location, Department, and Employment Status

Support seasonal hiring or hiring for similar roles across multiple locations

bulk rehiring

Easily re-hire offboarded team members

Reactivate furloughed or offboarded employees in minutes

Create customizable workflows that ease re-hire transitions and bring them quickly back up to speed


Keep a pulse on team member feedback

Get instant insight on how your team is doing with pulse surveys

Embed surveys directly into workflows to automate consistent team member check-ins

Analyze your employee experience program feedback and track progress over time

The depth of connectivity of Sapling into OneLogin, Greenhouse, ADP and Zapier has significantly reduced administrative busywork - allowing us to focus on the more strategic parts of our role.
Hannah DiBruno, People & Culture Associate

How Sapling helped Compass onboard 1,500 hires in 12 months

By partnering with Sapling and OneLogin, Compass’ IT team saved over 15,000 fields of data entry, streamlining handoffs, driving automation and protecting employee data.

By avoiding 750 hours in lost productivity, they saved $37,500 in people costs

Cruise Automation 10x headcount, and saved 3.5 hours per new hire

Cruise built a streamlined and consistent employee onboarding program that provided a great new hire experience and streamlined the process for internal stakeholders.

Sapling provided visibility and consistency for an average 54 workflows per new hire, saving an estimated 108 emails between employees

Sapling’s dashboard makes tracking and managing the thousands of moving pieces in our onboarding program scalable and manageable.

There is no way we could've scaled so quickly without Sapling.
Sheila Egan, People Operations

Don’t take our word for it.
Sapling is a top rated Onboarding software
and loved by employees

"The amount of information and ease to know what to do is second to none."

"I have started at several companies before and the Sapling experience is making my current process the easiest."

"I love its ease and flexibility of use"

"Onboarding is key and this makes Sapling a must have. Implementation was easy and the tool is very intuitive."


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