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Increase your productivity with automated workflows

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Automated workflows

Sapling enables you to automate your administrative HR processes with custom workflows that delegate tasks and data collection across your organization.

By streamlining processes, you can reduce risk of non-compliance and minimize inefficient back and forth emails across departments.

Team members can complete tasks directly from their email, simplifying their workflow and ensuring you have complete visibility on HR processes

Communicate and collaborate with your teammates with comments and @mentions, saving your inbox and keeping conversations at the workflow level.



Sapling eliminates the cost and inconvenience of printing, distributing and collecting physical paperwork.

You’ll be able to save time, money, and trees with Sapling’s powerful esignaturing solution, including individual documents, document uploads, multi-signer workflows paperwork packets for all your Federal/State/City compliance and internal policy needs.

Using Sapling’s e-signaturing packet builder, you can create new-hire paperwork packets by department, location, seniority and more

Email Templates

Whether you’re setting up a new hire, communicating with existing team members or managing an offboarding process, Sapling has you covered

Build custom email templates that streamline communication with individuals and groups of team members, and free you from copying and pasting email text

You can set up and send email reminders across locations and teams.


Calendar integrations

Sapling's calendar integrations allow you and your team to sync relevant information straight into their personal calendar.

Managing onboarding and offboarding cohorts is made easy with all starts and exits sync daily with your calendar.

Managers can also sync all their HR activities into their calendar, providing them clarity on expectations and timelines.

Never miss a team member’s anniversary again with a calendar that alerts you to upcoming milestones for each team member at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and beyond.


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