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Get visibility with dashboards and reports

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HR and Manager Dashboards

  • Sapling makes it easy to track and manage the key information across your organization, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive
  • Dashboards allows different teams to have complete visibility and control over the employee experience

Custom Reporting

  • Utilize Sapling to unlock HR insights with easy to build, customisable reporting and analytics
  • Track and audit the history of any field in Sapling, giving you complete control of employee data as an HR Platform
  • Advanced permissioning gives team access only to the data they need and are approved for, giving you complete control over your data

Export to Google Sheets

  • Sapling is the only HR platform supercharged for companies using G-Suite
  • Sapling allows you to build custom reports and with one click, export the data to Google Sheets
  • You can build, filter and view HR data easily, and then share the Google Sheet with your team for additional analysis
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A history of every field

  • Sapling's Field History allows you to retain archived field history data of all your employee data, helping you comply with industry regulations related to audit capability and data retention
  • Track and audit the history of any field change in Sapling and have complete control of your employee data

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