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Employee Experience

Engage your employees throughout their journey

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Employee self-service portal

  • Team members can self navigate their onboarding and day-to-day employee experience with software that makes life easy for your whole company.
  • Team members can complete tasks and paperwork, with triggered emails and best practice introductions ensuring your HR programs run efficiently
  • Sapling maintains the data as a system of record for all your employee data, seamlessly syncing across your key systems like payroll and benefits and removing duplicate data entry
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Preboarding experience

  • Sapling’s preboarding experience introduces new employees to your company culture, mission, team and onboarding program before they commence day one.
  • New team members have an interactive step-by-step experience of all the steps, ensuring they’re confident and informed for their new role, and less questions in your inbox
  • They can complete their paperwork and meet the key people for their first day, with welcome emails and team introductions

Interactive organizational chart and team directory

  • Sapling gives all your team members access to a dynamic organization chart that reflects real-time changes such as employee departures, title changes, contact information, and more - saving you time and hassle updating multiple systems
  • Through the people directory, your team can stay connected with their location, team and other groups — at work, at home, or on the go on their mobile
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Time Off Tracking and Reporting

  • Sapling offers integrated time off management, with a simple to use interface for your team, managers and administrators
  • You can create custom policies to track and manage employee time-off with visibility and consistency
  • Use in parallel with Sapling’s calendar integrations for a comprehensive view across the organization

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