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Designed for high-growth, global teams 

Sapling is a Core HR platform for mid-sized companies - designed to be used by everyone, every day.

Connects with your ATS to sync candidate data

Sapling connects with your recruitment system to sync your new hires’ data into Sapling to kick start the onboarding process, automatically.

No more missed emails, manual data entry or typos - Sapling automates the handoff so you can focus on accelerating new hire success. 

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Deliver a great new hire experience

Sapling introduces new hires to your company culture, mission, team and onboarding program - even before they commence Day One. 

New team members have an interactive step-by-step experience of their onboarding program, ensuring they're confident and informed for their new role, and less questions end up in your inbox.

Increase your productivity with automated workflows 

Streamline processes and reduce risk with custom workflows, document templates and triggered emails that eliminate instances of data duplication and time-wasting paperwork for HR and IT.

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Interactive organizational chart and team directory

Sapling gives all your team members access to a dynamic organization chart that reflects real-time changes such as employee departures, title changes, contact information, and more - saving you time and hassle updating multiple systems

Through the people directory, your team can stay connected with their location, team and other groups — at work, at home, or on the go on their mobile

Employee self-service portal

Team members can self navigate their onboarding and day-to-day employee experience with software that makes life easy for your whole company.

Team members can complete tasks and paperwork, with triggered emails and best practice introductions ensuring your HR programs run efficiently

Sapling maintains the data as a system of record for all your employee data, seamlessly syncing across your key systems like payroll and benefits and removing duplicate data entry

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Track time off programs with a globally integrated calendar

Sapling’s time off tracking makes the request and approval experience a breeze for employees and managers, meaning fewer forgotten entries and zero lost data.

You’ll be able to take a load off your mind knowing that Sapling is automatically tracking, syncing, and integrating time off requests and approvals, while providing a great employee experience.

Sapling’s calendar allows your to track all leave requests, as well as other key events such as birthdays, milestones and public holidays.

Perfectly integrated with the tools you already use   

Our HR platform talks to the other systems including your ATS, HRIS, SSO, communication and productivity apps.

Sapling is also perfect for G Suite users. In just one click you can provision new hire accounts, export reports in Google Sheets or add tasks to your Google Calendar.

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