Simple, intuitive and engaging for team members

Sapling makes it easy to get up to speed, learn about your peers, book time off and learn about your company.

We make it easy to do HR tasks and have built Sapling on top of apps you use every day like Gmail, Slack and Asana.

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A central hub for your data, documents and responsibilities

Sapling gives you one profile page for all of your important HR information
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Onboard with ease

Be set-up for success before you start

Org Chart

See exactly where people sit within an organization and who they report to

Company Resources

Get the right resources for different locations and teams

Workflows and Tasks

Understand exactly what you need to complete and by when

Track changes to your data

Know where you stand, your job history and compensation details

Different views

Different profile pages to keep sensitive information private


See Sapling in Action

Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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