Stay up to date with changes in HR data and meet compliance requirements

HR data is needed to help your company run smoothly - but finding out about changes and updates in real time is tough.

Sapling’s integrations make it easy to build processes that run on autopilot - like provisioning and deprovisioning users in identity management systems like Okta, and ensuring Jira tickets are created and tracked with the information you need.

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Let Sapling do the repetitive set-ups

Sapling’s IT provisioning gets HR data into your tools, no more copy pasting or data entry.
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Setup SSO

Make sure everyone in your company has a secure experience


Automatically set-up G-Suite, Okta, Onelogin or Active Directory accounts


Connect the tools that need HR data to flow seamlessly


SOC2 Compliance, with role based access control for all users


Stay up to date with HR changes through our API, Jira, Email or Slack

IT Resources

Provide the right resources for your different locations and teams

The depth of connectivity of Sapling into OneLogin, Greenhouse, ADP and Zapier has significantly reduced administrative busywork - allowing us to focus on the more strategic parts of our role.
Hannah DiBruno, People & Culture Associate

How Sapling helped Compass onboard 1,500 hires in 12 months

By partnering with Sapling and OneLogin, Compass’ IT team saved over 15,000 fields of data entry, streamlining handoffs, driving automation and protecting employee data.

By avoiding 750 hours in lost productivity, they saved $37,500 in people costs


See Sapling in Action

Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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