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Onboarding with consistency, visibility and data 

Power your employee experience with Sapling


Sapling is a new kind of HR software for Onboarding + HRIS designed specifically for fast growing, mid-sized organizations using G Suite. We believe that when you create a great employee experience, HR can better support their teams to do their best work.

Sapling’s HR software works with managers to create structured onboarding programs for their new hires, and ensures that the onboarding experience is engaging and consistent. It makes it easy for your HR and manager dashboards to track and manage key information across your organization, so you’re team is able to be proactive instead of reactive.

Sapling’s HR software is two-fold: onboarding and coreHR HRIS. We noticed that many coreHR HRIS systems are a mile wide (meaning they offer everything from payroll to benefits + beyond) but an inch deep (they don’t offer “best of” anything, just mediocre solutions across the board).

With our HR software, we’re looking to increase productivity with our automated workflows and add time to your day.

For instance, team members can complete tasks directly from their Gmail so their workflows can be simplified and it ensures that you have complete visibility on HR processes. The dashboards also allow different teams to have complete visibility and control over the employee experience. Because when you give your HR teams real-time visibility and the right information to make better decisions with Sapling’s HR Software, you are building a path to a more streamlined and consistent onboarding and HR experience for all stakeholders.

The robust, company-branded dashboard centralizes communication and tracks your employees’ onboarding tasks, so nothing in their automated workflows is missed. The automated workflows in Sapling’s HR software is built for communication and collaboration with your teammates with comments and @mentions, so your inbox is saved from an unmanageable amount of emails and helps to keep conversations at the workflow level and provides you with document and email templates, triggers notifications. If it is missed, Sapling notifies all stakeholders from managers to IT to payroll of their action items. Our HR software also enables automation of your administrative HR processes with custom workflows that delegates tasks and data collection across your organization.

The streamlined processes also include custom workflows, document templates, and triggered emails to eliminate instances of data duplication and time-wasting paperwork for HR and IT. By streamlining processes, you will also reduce risk of non-compliance and minimize inefficient back and forth emails across departments and increase your team’s time to productivity.

We’re humbled to be the employee experience platform of choice for KAYAK, KPMG, Cruise and more! Learn more about how Sapling’s HR software can help at .

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