Sapling & Workable are Partners!  See how Sapling & Workable integrate to bring you an optimal HR solution! 


Workable Sapling Partnership

Workable is partnered with Sapling to increase employee retention and empower your managers to make data-driven decisions from onboarding to offboarding.

After you’ve hired your team with Workable’s applicant tracking system, Sapling is your next step.


Why Sapling

Sapling has a simple deployment and the value is instant. Sapling will save you HR team over 100 hours a month of time spent on tactical, administrative tasks so that add time can be focused on strategic planning.

Sapling’s onboarding and HRIS platform streamlines your employee experience into one workflow for all stakeholders including HR, IT, hiring managers, and new hires. When new hires average shorter ramp time to productivity, that’s easy savings for your organization.



With Sapling you have real time dashboards, PTO tracking, org charts, HR automated email reminders, and can create configurable reports that provide insights into your people data so your team can be efficient at scale.

Did we mention Sapling is the only platform to have a native integration with G Suite? That’s on top of its integrations with IT + finance tools, SSO, and your ATS --- so long, data duplication!


Trusted by fast growing companies around the world 

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