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Onboarding with consistency, visibility and data

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Connects with your ATS to sync candidate data

Sapling connects with your recruitment system to sync your new hires’ data into Sapling to kick start the onboarding process, automatically.

No more missed emails, manual data entry or typos - Sapling automates the handoff so you can focus on accelerating new hire success. 


Deliver a great new hire experience

Sapling introduces new hires to your company culture, mission, team and onboarding program - even before they commence Day One.

New team members have an interactive step-by-step experience of their onboarding program, ensuring they're confident and informed for their new role, and less questions end up in your inbox.

Assign legally binding documents and packets

Get rid of time-wasting paperwork, with e-signaturing and digital paperwork packets.

No more dealing with printers, envelopes, searching for lost forms, or running to the post office. With Sapling’s e-signatures, you can create and send forms to your new team members in seconds and track their progress through completion.

You’ll be able to identify and eliminate bottlenecks by determining which forms have been signed and which are still pending - and Sapling will automatically follow up with managers or employees who may have forgotten to sign their forms, before and after day one. 

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Increase team productivity with an intelligent workflow and notification engine

Streamline processes and reduce risk with customizable workflows and a real-time notification engine that allows you to deliver a predictable and repeatable process across new hire onboarding.

Sapling lets you build workflows with triggered emails that eliminate manual checklists, data duplication and things being missed or slipping through the cracks.

Automate account provisioning for new hires

Save your IT and Operations team time and money by automating the set up of key systems for new hires such as G-Suite, Slack, Okta, Onelogin and more.

Sapling streamlines this process and reduces risk with by both automating new hire data collection, and allowing you to unify your employee data and systems. Eliminate the need to manually enter a new employee’s details ever again.


Get visibility on employee and manager progress with smart dashboards and reports 

Run data-driven HR programs, with high-level visibility across your entire organization at a glance, or dive deeper to track individual progress with Sapling’s off-the-shelf dashboards and customizable reports.

Sapling places beautiful dashboards and insightful analytics at your fingertips, and can even help you generate a variety of customizable reports in a matter of minutes, so you can make strategic, proactive decisions.

You’ll be able to generate detailed reports on your data with just a few clicks, from headcount reporting growth trends to Shirt sizes - Sapling’s advanced report builder gives you the data you need to strategic decisions about your people programs.

Connect Sapling with downstream Payroll + HR systems 

Support your Finance and Payroll team by sending Payroll data exactly where it needs to go with Sapling’s deep integrations to ADP, Paylocity, Xero, and more, eliminating manual entry and data errors.

As soon as new hires complete their preboarding with Sapling, all data is collected is sync’d immediately to your Payroll system, with the correct team members notified. No more emails or typos. 


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