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Streamline admin and accelerate new hire onboarding with consistency, visibility and data

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Make the right first impression

Sapling introduces new hires to your company culture, mission, team and onboarding program - even before they commence Day One.

New team members have an interactive step-by-step experience of their onboarding program, ensuring they're confident and informed for their new role, and less questions end up in your inbox.

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Increase team productivity with intelligent workflows and account provisioning for new hires

Streamline processes and reduce risk with customizable workflows, document templates, automated new hire data collection, and triggered emails that eliminate instances of data duplication and time-wasting paperwork for HR and IT.

Visibility on employee progress with dashboards and reports

Get a high-level status across an entire organization at a glance, or dive deeper to track individual progress.

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Perfectly integrated with the tools you already use 

Eliminate manual entry and data errors with Sapling's integrations to your ATS, HRIS, SSO, communication and productivity apps.

Sapling is also supercharged for G Suite users. In one click you can provision new hire accounts, export reports in Google Sheets, and sync tasks to your Google Calendar and Gmail.

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