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New Hire Onboarding and Enhance the Employee Experience.

Build new hire onboarding to set your team up for a successful working relationship


Implementing new hire onboarding for your new employees is critical in setting them up for success at your organization for the long haul. Sapling enables companies to run a streamlined new hire onboarding program with greater visibility, consistency, and automation by creating a red carpet new hire onboarding experience for all the stakeholders involved in setting up your new hire for success; from the HR team, to their manager, to your people operations team, to payroll, and IT, and finally, to the new hire themselves.

We believe that when you create a great new hire onboarding experience, HR can better support their teams to do their best work. With Sapling you'll be able to automate all of your HR processes including: onboarding, promotions, internal transfers and exits with e-signaturing, custom workflows, time off, org charts, calendar integrations and more, so your bandwidth is free to think about how you onboard employees versus just focusing on what needs to get done.

Once Sapling is implemented, the robust, company-branded dashboard will centralize your communication and track your employee’s onboarding tasks, so nothing in their automated workflows is missed. Sapling also will become the system of record for all of your employee data and will sync across your key systems including: ATS, payroll, benefits and productivity tools.

We are proud to be the only system for new hire onboarding platform that is supercharged for G Suite. We use G Suite everyday and know that most fast growing, mid market sized companies are too. What this means is you can create your new hire’s email account in a single click, sync your HR data in with your calendar, build custom reports straight into Google Sheets, and manage HR activities from inside your inbox.

New hire onboarding isn’t all documents and signatures. Rather than just a first day of filling out tax forms and non-disclosures, or tasking them with studying a 60-page employee handbook-- we want your new hire onboarding to set your team up for a successful working relationship. With Sapling, onboarding is the perfect time to focus on acclimating your new employees to your company culture and start to build their employee record. Within Sapling, a new hire will see the timeline of the company history, can check out their peers profiles, tell others about themselves, and review tasks they can complete before they start-- so that on your new hire’s first day can be filled with meaningful introductions, early learning, and celebration.

Companies all over the world like UCSF, Udemy, KPMG, and Invision trust Sapling with new hire onboarding and their employee experience. We believe that when you can create a great employee experience, HR can better support teams to do their best work. For further information, visit .

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