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Integration Overview
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Providing a great new hire experience and workflow automation into Paylocity


Sapling can send new hire data to your Paylocity account, saving your HR, People Operations and Payroll manual data entry and removing the risk of errors, while providing a great new hire experience.

Fees and Timeline

The integration fees are dependent on your Paylocity set-up, however are typically $1k per year. Customers are typically up and running in 1 - 2 weeks.

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Speak to your Sapling Account Manager or get in touch with us directly.

What is the integration?

Sapling’s integration with Paylocity allows you to:

  • Collect all the information you need from new hires
  • Engage new hires with your company brand, mission, team and onboarding plan before they commence day one with Sapling.
  • Automate onboarding workflows, triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations and stakeholders, with detailed analytics around workflows.
  • Push new employee information to Paylocity
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What fields does Sapling integrate with?

  • First + Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Company and Personal Email
  • Start date
  • Employment Status
  • SSN
  • Home and Mobile Phone
  • Address
  • Tax Form
  • Tax State
  • Gender
  • Marital Status

How the integration works?

Sapling leverages Paylocity’s Onboarding API which allows Sapling to send applicants (and information collected by Sapling) into the Onboarding Portal within Paylocity.

This then allows an Paylocity admin to login, confirm/ enrich the applicant data and then complete the new hire in Paylocity.

The typical workflow is:

1. A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin
2. The New Hire completes their employee record
3. The New Hire data is sent to Paylocity
4. A Paylocity Admin confirms the Hire's information
5. The New Hire account is created in Paylocity


"Sapling allows us to collect all the data we need to stay compliant, while delivering an amazing welcome to our new team members."

Desiree Therianos

Head of PeopleOps and Talent

How Ellation uses the Sapling to Paylocity integration

Sapling helps Ellation automate onboarding documents and workflows for organization, and using the Paylocity integration - ensures all new hire data is pushed into their system of record.

Sapling provides a streamlined connection of employee data from Greenhouse Recruitment to Paylocity Payroll, as well as supports their People Operations team to better communicate with their IT team through Sapling's JIRA integration.

The People Operations team are able to view and track all activities from their dashboard, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Learn more from their case study here.



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