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Integration Overview

Bridging the candidate to new hire experience with automation and consistency


Sapling can receive new hire data directly from Lever, removing manual data entry and the risk of errors, and streamlining the candidate to employee transition.

Fees and Timeline

The integration is free of charge for customers on Lever’s Professional or Enterprise plan, and can be set-up, configured and tested in 1 - 2 days.

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Speak to your Sapling Account Manager or get in touch with us directly.

What is the integration?

Sapling’s integration with Lever allows you to:

  1. Push hired candidate information automatically from Lever into Sapling to populate a new employee profile. 
  2. Assign paperwork, welcome the new-hire, initiate team and role onboarding through a company-branded pre-boarding experience.
  3. Automate onboarding workflows, triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations and stakeholders
  4. Empower managers to ramp up new-hires with objective-based onboarding roadmaps that support new hire success from day one.


Lever Sapling.png

What fields does Sapling integrate with?

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Title
  • Location
  • Department
  • Hiring Manager
  • Custom Fields*

* For customers on the Lever Enterprise Plan, Lever’s Form Fields also allow you to completely customize the data that can be passed to Sapling. 

How the integration works?

Finding the best talent is the key to any successful organization, but it doesn’t stop at hiring – it’s just as important to support new hires, empowering them to be productive and successful in their new role.

Sapling integration with Lever allows you to trigger new hire data to be sent to Sapling on hiring events. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry required!

The typical workflow is:

1. A Candidate is labelled as Hired in Lever
2. A notification is sent to Sapling that a hiring event has occured
3. Sapling retrieves the candidates information from Lever, and adds them to Sapling's Pending Hires*
4. A Sapling Admin can then start onboarding the new hire (with all the Lever information pre-populated)

* An optional email can be triggered from Sapling alerting People Operations of the pending hire.

"Sapling has allowed us to have a fluid experience from collecting new hire data from Lever automatically into our onboarding program - this has been an amazing way to bridge the candidate’s experience and enhance the overall employee’s lifetime value."

Lauren Burris

Director of People

How Apartment List uses the Lever to Sapling integration

Apartment List implemented Sapling in January 2017, consolidating their fragmented new hire systems and processes into purpose built technology.

Using Lever and Sapling together, Apartment List built a streamlined and consistent employee onboarding program that provided a great new hire experience and streamlined the process for internal stakeholders.

Sapling provides a fluid experience collecting new hire data from Lever's ATS automatically into their onboarding program.

Sapling's Workflow and Email engine then provides the People Operations team with visibility of onboarding tasks, and ensured a consistent process for new hires (locally and remote).

On average, Sapling helped to automate 72 workflows per new hire across multiple stakeholders and departments, saving an estimated 140 emails between employees.

Learn more from their case study here.



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