Bridging the candidate to new hire experience with automation and consistency

Workable is the one of the leading recruiting software systems for small and medium enterprises. From sourcing and attracting candidates to applicant tracking and evaluation, Workable enables smooth collaboration, resulting in more viable candidates and a faster time to hire.

Sapling integration with Workable allows you to trigger new hire data to be sent to Sapling on hiring events. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry required!

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Integration Type

Partner to Sapling

Direction of Data Flow

One way

Sync Trigger

When candidate is hired

Sync Frequency


What is the integration?

A Candidate is labelled as Hired in Workable
A notification is sent to Sapling that a hiring event has occured
Sapling retrieves the candidates information from Workable, and adds them to Sapling's Pending Hires
An optional email can be triggered from Sapling alerting People Operations of the pending hire.
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How IQPC leverages Workable and Sapling's HRIS to unlock the potential of people

We are right at the beginning of our HR automation journey and while it’s important to take things one step at a time
Esther Smith
Global Head of People