Providing a great new hire experience and workflow automation into Paylocity

Sapling can send new hire data to your Paylocity account, saving your HR, People Operations and Payroll manual data entry and removing the risk of errors, while providing a great new hire experience.

Sapling leverages Paylocity’s Onboarding API which allows Sapling to send applicants (and information collected by Sapling) into the Onboarding Portal within Paylocity.

This then allows an Paylocity admin to login, confirm/ enrich the applicant data and then complete the new hire in Paylocity.

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Integration Type

Sapling to Partner

Direction of Data Flow

Two way

Sync Trigger

When team member is onboarded, and when changes are made

Sync Frequency


What is the integration?

A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin and completes their preboarding
The New Hire data is sent to Paylocity
A Paylocity Admin confirms the Hire's information and the account is created in Paylocity
There are a number of different options available for integration Sapling and Paylocity - including onboarding web-pay or both. Speak to your Sapling Customer Success Manager to learn more.
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How Ellation uses the Sapling to Paylocity integration

Sapling allows us to collect all the data we need to stay compliant, while delivering an amazing welcome to our new team members.
Desiree Therianos
Head of PeopleOps and Talent