Creating One Platform for Enhanced Candidate and Employee Experience

The LinkedIn Talent Hub integration with Sapling gives customers the ability to automatically import candidate date and employment information after a candidate’s job acceptance into Sapling’s People Operations Platform.

As an integration partner of LinkedIn Talent Hub, other features that help companies grow include managing projects in a single view, from a single candidate tracking platform, making data-driven hiring decisions from hiring to onboarding and beyond, and initiating pre-boarding and onboarding for new hires, seamlessly out of one platform.

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Integration Type

Partner to Sapling

Direction of Data Flow

One way

Sync Trigger

When candidate is hired

Sync Frequency


What is the integration

A Candidate is labelled as Hired in Linkedin
A notification is sent to Sapling that a hiring event has occurred
Sapling retrieves the candidates information from Linkedin, and adds them to Sapling's Pending Hires
An optional email can be triggered from Sapling alerting People Operations of the pending hire.
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