Streamline Employee Experience, from Hiring to Onboarding and Beyond

Sapling automates and simplifies your HR workflow with streamlined onboarding, PTO, benefits administration, and more.

Integrate JazzHR with Sapling to export hired candidates and accompanying data for a seamless hire-to-onboard experience.

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Integration Type

One-way via API

Direction of Data Flow

Partner App to JazzHR

Sync Trigger

An event

Sync Frequency

When candidate is hired

How does this work?

A Candidate is labelled as Hired in JazzHR
A notification is sent to Sapling that a hiring event has occured
Sapling retrieves the candidates information from JazzHR, and adds them to Sapling's Pending Hires*
An optional email can be triggered from Sapling alerting People Operations of the pending hire.
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How Carnegie Robotics uses JazzHR and Sapling Integration

"JazzHR and Sapling integration aligns recruitment and HR, helps carry on data and analysis and connects multiple platforms to reduce manual and duplicate work.".
Kimberly Hacker
HR Generalist