Destructive or Productive: Creating Inclusive Culture through Slack

Did you know that positive company culture can cause a 25%-64% drop in employee turnover? 

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The Future of Work moves quick and the line between work and not-work has blurred thanks to office communication tools like Slack.

For People Ops and HR teams, the communication on Slack can streamline onboarding, create a resource destination, increase transparency,  recognize good work, foster team culture and more. But navigating this new world of office communication has some do’s and dont’s.


In this webinar, our panelists will be discussing How People Ops Teams can Optimize Slack for Inclusive Communication and Culture.

The webinar will tackle the following: 

  • How to integrate Slack into your company culture (talk about work-life balance, Slack as a tool to reinforce culture & how to balance online/in-person culture)

  • How to communicate best Slack practices that uphold your culture (Overarches during onboarding & enforcing in current workforce)

  • How to keep Slack inclusive for everyone (Including remote employees) 

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