Humanizing Onboarding and Offboarding for Remote Workers

Emily Byrne Klope

Presented by
Bart Macdonald
Founder and CEO, Sapling

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Presented by
Courtney Gannon
People Operations Director at InVision

When you work with remote employees, exceptional and thorough onboarding and offboarding programs are even more critical for setting the tone for a great working environment.

In this webinar, Bart Macdonald, Co-Founder & CEO of Sapling, and Courtney Gannon, People Operations Director at InVision, share best practices on how to nurture remote talent during onboarding and offboarding in ways that make them feel connected to your team, no matter how geographically distant.

You'll learn:

  • Best resources for your remote workforce to have during the first 90 days
  • Best practices for personably offboarding talent so both your org and employee and set up for success
  • How technology can effectively utilized during onboarding and offboarding your remote workforce
  • and more!

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