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Onboarding with consistency, visibility and data 

Power your employee experience with Sapling


Sapling is a best-of-breed core HRIS. With one sole platform serving as the hub for onboarding and HRIS it provides a consistent employee experience. Sapling’s main goal is to create a red carpet onboarding experience for all the players involved in setting up employees for success; from the HR team, to the managers, to the people operations team, to payroll, and IT. 

Sapling seeks to eliminate manual data entry for HR and provide a seamless employee experience. Therefore, Sapling is also perfectly integrated with the other tools you are already using. We integrate with the leading ATS’ around the world so you have greater flexibility in your HR technology roadmap. We’ve enabled new hire data to be automatically transferred from your ATS into Sapling. Sapling also integrates with payroll vendors including ADP and Paylocity. You can actually push all of your employee data into your payroll and benefits systems. Sapling also integrates with a number of productivity applications like Slack and Okta which allows the employee experience is consisted and IT and other departments can maintain their existing workflows.

With our HRIS, you can create configurable reports with the right data to help your team unlock HR insights with easy to build, customizable reporting and analytics. Sapling’s advanced permissioning gives your teams access to the data they need and are approved for, and gives you complete control over your data. For instance, you can track and audit the history of any field in Sapling. The customizable workflows, document uploads and templates, and automated emails eliminate time wasted with manual data entry and data duplication so you can spend more time engaging your employees throughout their journey.

Sapling’s HRIS offers integrated time off management. The interface is designed to be simple to use for your team, managers and administrators. You can actually create custom policies to track and manage employee time-off with visibility and consistency. What’s great is this can also be used in parallel with Sapling’s calendar integrations for a full and comprehensive view across the organization.

Sapling’s HRIS also has a dynamic and interactive org chart and team directory that gives your team members real-time changes for employee departures, title changes, contact information and more, so everyone saves time from having to update multiple systems. Plus, with the Sapling’s HRIS people directory, your team can stay connected with their location, team and other groups -- at work, at home, or on the go on their mobile throughout their employee lifecycle.

At Sapling, we believe that when you create a great employee experience, HR can better support teams to do their best work. Companies all over the world like UCSF, Reddit, Udemy, KPMG, and Invision trust Sapling with their employee experience. For further information, visit .

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