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Your Home Page: Sapling Updates

The Updates Page is the homepage for all of your team members that provides highly relevant and contextual information about their responsibilities.

Who can view these panels?

It’s important that your team members see only the information that’s relevant to them.

The type of content visible is highly dependent on permission levels, and the new homepage focuses on  on timely, contextual content. Once an action has been taken, they can return to the updates page.

As an Admin or Super Admin, you will be able to see the Updates Pages of other team members - enabling you to help with troubleshooting, functionality, and navigation.

What panels are visible?

The Updates Page contains a set of panels, which are segmented into the following:

  • Pending Hires - outlines how many people have been hired and are ready to be onboarded (visible to those with Dashboard access only)
  • Program Management - provides the key numbers related to your employee experience program, such as outstanding tasks, documents, and leave requests (visible to those with Dashboard access only)
  • My Activities - provides quick access to what’s required by you or your team members (visible to all team members)
  • My Team - empowers managers to quickly see if their team is on track (visible to Managers only)
  • Employee Experience - allows team members to your people directory and org chart (visible to all team members)

On the left hand side, all team members will be able to see Recent Arrivals and any Upcoming milestones.

​If enabled, anniversaries and birthdays are shown on Sapling's Calendar, the Updates Page and the external feed. This setting can be enabled on the Platform Settings> Calendar.

You can decide whether you want these events enabled or disabled. On the Upcoming milestones section, these will be displayed to all members in your organization.

Milestones are shown in the updates page based on anniversaries and Birthdays that are within 10 days (calendar days).

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