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Workspaces: Empowering Team Collaboration

Providing superpowers to teams in managing the team members experience.

What is a Workspace?

Workspaces enable HR and non-HR teams (such as IT, Operations or Finance) the ability to share Tasks between their team members.

Sapling admin users can create Workspaces and invite multiple team members to the workspace to share tasks related to providing a great employee experience.

An example of a workspace could be an IT Team or an Onboarding Task Force - when tasks are assigned to the workspace, they can then be allocated out to individuals for completion.

Benefits of Workspaces

  • Super Admins can create workspaces
  • Team Members can become members of Workspaces
  • Workspaces can be allocated Tasks to complete
  • Members of each workspace can action workspace Tasks
  • Tasks assigned to a Workspace can be re-assigned to individual Users to complete
  • Team Members can be part of multiple Workspaces

How to create a Workspace?

Admins users in Sapling can create Workspaces through the top navigation menu.

A workspace will need the following:

  • Workspace Name
  • Avatar- this will ensure that the workspace can be easily recognized across the platform.
  • Timezone
  • Associated Email (optional) - this will be used for communications with that Workspace
  • Team Members

Once a Workspace is created, the creator of that Workspace becomes the Admin of that Workspace, and can then invite other members.

Managing Tasks within a Workspace

Once a workspace is created, tasks can be allocated by admins for completion.

Tasks assigned to a Workspace can be re-assigned to individual users to complete, and will then appear in that individual's tasks page. Once completed, the tasks are returned to the workspace and are stored under the completed tasks.

Team members can join multiple Workspaces, and they will not be able to see the Workspaces that they don’t belong to. The Associated Email is for communications of new task assignments. Please make sure to update the alias group email address setting to Receive emails from outside of the domain.

Note that offboarded team members will remain in the workspace until removed to ensure you can re-assign any outstanding tasks.

*For the Associated Email, please note that task notifications will go to all users on the alias, and that it is best practice to include everyone on the alias in the workspace. Without an associated email address, team members of the workspace with not receive notifications regarding any assigned tasks.

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