SmartRecruiters Integration Guide


SmartRecruiters integration with Sapling lets you:

  • Pull hired candidate information automatically from SmartRecruiters into Sapling to populate a new employee profile. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry required!
  • Assign paperwork, welcome the new-hire, initiate team and role onboarding through a company-branded pre-boarding experience.
  • Automate onboarding workflows, triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations and stakeholders
  • Empower managers to ramp up new-hires with objective-based onboarding roadmaps that support new hire success from day one.

How to set-up the Integration?

As an Admin or Account Owner in Sapling, navigate to Admin>Integrations

Sapling's Customer Success team will enable the integration in your account so, as a SmartRecruiters customer, you can see the SmartRecruiters integration available.

While logged into SmartRecruiters, click the toggle button to Authorize the integration.. 

You’ll be taken a secure authentication page where you will be asked to allow Sapling access to two required scopes in your SmartRecruiters Account (Candidates and Jobs).

Confirm by clicking ‘Allow Access’.

Once the integration endpoints are authorized, you will be returned to Sapling and see a confirmation that the authentication has been successful.

If unsuccessful, please check that you have the correct access permissions in SmartRecruiters. If you do have the correct permissions and are still unsuccessful, please reach out to your Sapling Customer Success Manager.

Once this has been completed, your Sapling<>SmartRecruiters integration will be live.

How the Integration Works?

Sapling syncs with SmartRecruiters every 60 minutes, so when a candidate is marked as ‘Hired’ in SmartRecruiters, Sapling will collect the new hire data and pull into Sapling at the next sync interval.

These hires will then be available in your Pending Hires. You can also elect to receive a 'Pending Hire' email notification which will notify you when new hires have been received. 

From Sapling’s Pending Hires Menu, you’ll be able to see Name, Department, Location, Manager and Start date. 

Once you select the employee you would like to onboard, the new hire data will be populated into the first step of Sapling to initiate an onboarding process for a new hire.

New Hires  are then sent their onboarding invitation to complete their preboarding so they can complete their New Hire preboarding experience.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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