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Setting Up Time Off in Sapling

With Sapling, you can set up multiple time off policies that pertain to different employee groups.

Be sure to visit our Time Off Tracking Terminology for definitions that may be unclear.

A Time Off Policy is designed to give your team members an automatic accrual amount on a specified schedule, with the accrual amount added to their available balance.

If the new policy is for a select group of employees, you can filter the policy by department, employment classification and location. For example, you can set up a sick policy for part-time workers who are remote.

To create a time off policy, go to Time off and select Add New Policy.

When creating a time off policy, the first thing that you will need to do is:

  1. Select what type of time off policy should it belong to
  2. Add a policy name
  3. Set-up who the policy is for (for example, if the policy should apply to certain locations, departments or employment statuses)
  4. The you can select a chain of approval, whether it be a manager, specific permission group or Super Admin.​

​Once, you've set up the policy, you'll then need to set the Accrual settings of the policy.

Accrual determine how often and how much time off a team member earns, and if team members earn their time off at different rates and at different times (i.e. Full Time vs Part Time) you will need to create more than one policy option for the time off type.​

​Finally, you'll need to set any policy caps related to the policy. These can be used to manage the changeover between accrual periods, if employees can have negative balances, and how these balances should be carried over.

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