Setting up Sapling

Setting up Documents

How to add new Documents, Document Requests, and Documents Packets to Sapling

With Sapling, all of your documents can be e-signed and stored directly within the platform.. 

There are 3 types of documents within Sapling: 

  1. Signatory Documents
  2. Upload Requests
  3. Document Packets

Thanks to our Smart Docs feature, every document is marked with a tag to categorize it by the Workflow Type it applies to (i.e. Onboarding, Offboarding, etc), Department, Location, Employment Status, or custom group. This way, Sapling can auto-suggest the correct documents when an employee with matching parameters is being assigned a workflow.

Signatory Documents

A Signatory Document is a type of document that requires an employee to review and sign. For example: Team Handbooks, W-4s, I-9’s, etc.

To create a new signatory document, navigate from Home > Documents from the lefthand side admin panel. Click “Add Document to Sign”, select your co-signer (if applicable), upload your document, and choose what pieces of the form require what action from the signee. 

Upload requests

An Upload Request is a task that gets assigned to an employee with the intention to have them upload a specific document into Sapling (for ex: passport photos, copy of their driver’s license, etc).

To create a new Upload Request, navigate from Documents > Upload request. Specify what parameters apply (worfklow type, department, location etc.), and click save.

*Note: Once you create the request, you can assign that request either a) during onboarding or b) directly from an employee’s profile. Learn more about assigning upload requests in our Document Overview article.

Document Packets

Document packets are a simple way to combine multiple documents into a collection. Typically, we see these being most helpful in combining necessary documents based on location or role type (for ex: “New Hire - UK Engineering Team Documents” vs. “New Hire - USA Engineering Team Documents”).

To create a new packet, go to Document Packets > Create New Packet. Adjust the parameters of your packet, and search the existing documents you'd like to add to it and click save.

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