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Setting Up Company Holidays

How to provide visibility over your company observed holidays.

Your company most likely observes various holidays across different offices. With Sapling, you can track and manage holidays across all locations, sharing insight with all team members around the globe.

How to add a new Holiday

To go to the Holiday settings page, navigate from Home > Platform. From your Platform Settings, select Holidays.

To create a new holiday, select "Create New Holiday" from the upper righthand corner. Name the holiday, select what dates and who it applies to (by department, location, or employment status), and click save.

Once a holiday is saved, it will automatically appear in your team’s company calendar.

How to modify or delete a Holiday

From the same Holidays menu in your Platform settings, use the actions menu on the righthand side of each holiday. Select "Modify" to edit an existing holiday, or "Delete" to remove it from your company calendar.

How to view the Holiday Calendar

Once you've set up your holidays, all permission levels given "View" access to the holiday calendar will be able to see the calendar on their home page. To view the calendar, navigate from Home > Calendar.  

All upcoming holidays as well as other key dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) will be reflected and color coded on the calendar.

Pro Tips 💡

  • Want to export your holiday calendar (or any other calendar in Sapling?) Learn how to create calendar feeds to view these calendars within your Gmail/Outlook calendar.
  • Questions on who can view what on the calendar? Check out our article on calendar visibility.
  • As holidays do not automatically roll over from year to year, you will need to set up your global holiday calendar at the end of every year within Sapling. This is to ensure that if things change, it does not automatically apply to a given team when it is no longer relevant.

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