Getting Started for Admins

Setting Up Company Holidays

Providing visibility for your team on their company observed holidays

Your company may observe various holidays across different locations. With Sapling, you can track and manage holidays across your entire organization.

Sapling’s Holiday Calendar allows your team members to:

  • View company-wide holidays on their Sapling Calendar
  • Request time off with visibility on on what days are already paid holidays ( i.e. they won’t get docked for paid company holidays that you’ve set up, such as Christmas, New Years or Memorial Day).

To create your company holidays:

  1. Login to your Sapling account
  2. Click to your company settings from the admin toolbar
  3. Then navigate to the Holiday Tab
  4. Click on "Create New Holiday"

Sapling requires two pieces of information to successfully create a holiday:

  • The name of the holiday (for example: August Bank Holiday)
  • The date, or dates (for example: August 6th, 2018)

By default, company holidays will apply to everyone in your organization, but you can also customize a holiday by:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment status

Once a holiday is saved, it will appear in your team’s company calendar.

How to modify or delete a holiday:

Under "Action" select modify to edit the holiday, or delete to remove it from your company calendar.

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