Product Updates

Sep 5, 2019 - Manager digest emails, PTO tab refresh, improved reporting, and a few more updates!

Team Sapling is hoping to make it a September to remember with a few goodies that will supercharge your productivity and communication! Here is what we have for you this time:

  • PTO page refresh
  • Weekly manager digests
  • Tasks and PTO report improvements
  • New connectivity: JazzHR launch
  • And last but not least, some additional integration updates you don’t want to miss

PTO page refresh

​Continuing our quest to make Sapling great for everyone in your organization, we updated the PTO page for individual team members.

In addition to filtering time off activity by policy type, your team members  can now view historical accruals directly on their page.

Main actions, such as requesting time off or viewing company holidays, are still accessible in an easier to navigate layout.

Weekly manager digests

​We want your whole team to get the most out of Sapling, including your managers!

To help them better plan and support their teams, we added a weekly digest that provides a summary of milestones and time off activity. More specifically, managers can see direct reports that are:

  • Starting time off
  • Returning from time off
  • Have upcoming birthdays (if enabled)
  • Have upcoming work anniversaries (if enabled)

Note, that the weekly manager digest is sent to managers every Friday morning in your default timezone.

Task and PTO reports improvements

We noticed a few of our Program Leads pulling multiple reports for each time off type, or each task status.  

Now you can speed up your reporting by pulling an ALL in one report. You’ll find this enhancement on step 3 of the report creator (under “Filters”):​

P.S: Did you know that you can now schedule reports to arrive directly in your inbox? Take advantage by combining these two new features to save yourself valuable time!


As part of our goal to empower people teams with data connectivity, we have launched a partnership with JazzHR. JazzHR is a recruiting and applicant tracking system that has helped thousands of companies fill more than 100,00 positions since they started operations in 2009. Users of JazzHR can now pull their data into Sapling. Learn more about JazzHR.

Integrations updates

  • If you are an ADP user,  you will be pleased that we now support multiple applicant tracking templates so you can use different ones in ADP for different types of employment statuses.  

Other small improvements

We also shipped a few smaller updates that you may appreciate! These include:

  • Ability to multi-select and delete pending hires from the pending hires page
  • Ability to detect and manage rehires coming from your ATS
  • Clearer password creation requirements during preboarding

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We are all ears!

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