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Scheduling Reports to Save Time

You can now schedule reports to send to a specific user or permission group.

What does this mean?

Sapling allows you to create and schedule reports to alleviate the need to manually download reports on an as-needed or recurring basis.

How might I use this?

If you are tracking compensation and compensation changes in Sapling via custom tables you may need to report that information to your payroll team on a weekly basis. Sapling will allow to do this automatically ensuring your people operations processes remain streamlined and your payroll team is kept abreast of compensation changes.

How does it work?

  1. When in Sapling, navigate to the reports tab to create a new report.
  2. If you are creating a Profile Info report, name the report and select the profile fields you would like to report on.
  3. Next, select the group of employees you would like to be included in the report.
  4. You can then skip the scheduling step or continue.
  5. During the scheduling step, you can select the cadence with which you would like the report to be run and delivered.

Note: The time of day is based on the timezone you selected in your Sapling global platform settings.

       6. Next, select who you would like the report to be delivered to - either an entire permission group (such as payroll) or specific individuals.

Note: Whomever you select to receive the report must have at least View permissions in order to receive the scheduled report.

        7. The report will then be delivered to the emails associated with those employees or permissions group you selected. They will receive the report as a .CSV on the cadence you selected.

To see this process in action, take a peek at the following video:​

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