Setting up Sapling

How to add your first users

Adding your first users

It’s time to assemble the crew of everyone on your team who will be participating in the Sapling implementation process 🙌 

To add all of your implementation stakeholders (the rest of your People Team, IT, etc) into Sapling - please go to the People Tab > Add Team Member. 

From there, fill out their information (*note: for start date- put their actual start date at the company, not today’s date!) and check the box that says “Send this person an invitation to Sapling” to ensure they get the invite to the platform. 

*Note: if you forget to click the “Send this person an invitation” box, don’t worry - you can always invite members using the Bulk Selection tool in the People Directory: 

Once everyone is in the platform, feel free to re-assign any tasks in this implementation workflow to any relevant stakeholder (if applicable).

To do this, Go to Home > Tasks > Task Menu, and select “Re-assign”. That way, you can have the right people handling the right tasks during the implementation process.

Still no luck? We are here to help!

People Operations can be complex - contact our customer success team to get in touch with you.

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