Getting Started for Employees and Managers

Responding to Time Off Requests

How to respond to your direct report's time off requests in Sapling.

Once your Sapling Administrator has assigned you to be a manager for one or more team members, you can view your team’s time off requests directly in Sapling.

When new requests are made, you'll receive an email notification that includes:

  • The name of your direct report
  • The dates requested
  • Any additional notes from the request

Clicking on the link in the email will take you to your “Team page”, where you can either approve or deny the request.

Once a request has been approved, it can also be seen on your Sapling calendar.

On the go and need to log into Sapling via your mobile web browser? We got you covered. From your home page, navigate to your "Team" tab and easily see what tasks you need to complete, including approving PTO.

​Here is our video tutorial on how to approve time off requests.

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