Getting Started for Employees and Managers

Preboarding with Sapling

The preboarding experience encompasses all communications with new employees prior to their first day.

Sapling's preboarding portal is designed to provide a consistent and informative introduction for new hires that are about to join the team.

As a new hire, you can use the preboarding portal to: 

  1. Be welcomed to your team. A welcome email will provide you with specific information about what to expect on your first day.
  2. Create your Sapling password. Use it to log into Sapling moving forward, or log in via your SSO (Google, Okta, Onelogin, etc)
  3. Get introduced to your company story. Learn about the company history, mission, vision and values.
  4. Learn more about your team. See who else is in your onboarding class, or learn about your new manager and teammates.
  5. Update your profile and sign necessary documents. Tell your new coworkers a little bit about yourself, and get all the HR admin work out of the way.

This article will deep dive into each of these 5 options, walking through what preboarding looks like from the new hire's perspective.

Before you begin Preboarding

While the preboarding experience is customized from company to company, below are the most commonly requested documents to help support your preboarding process.

  • Headshot photo (for your Sapling profile) 
  • Social Security number (for tax documents) 
  • Photo ID (like a driver's license or passport photo) 

Once these have been assembled, we suggest to set aside ~10-20 minutes to fully complete preboarding.

Welcome Email

When your company onboards you with Sapling, you'll receive a welcome email sent to your personal email address.  This will provide specific, important information about your new role.

When you are ready to start preboarding, click the "Start Onboarding" button at the bottom of the welcome email.

Create your password

After you click "Start Onboarding", you'll be taken to a dedicated landing page where you can create your password.

Below are the Sapling password requirements:

  • at least 8 characters
  • at least one special symbol (%@#!)
  • at least one capital letter

Company Introduction

The Company Introduction/Team Story page allows you to learn about your company's history, milestones, values, and view the team photo gallery.

People Page

The People page introduces you to the key people you should know for your first day, such as your manager and department.  

It also introduces you to your onboarding class, which is comprised of the last eight people that have joined the organization.

About You

The About You section collects all the data and paperwork that HR needs you to complete. Finishing this before your first day means once you're actually in the office, you can focus on the more exciting and strategically engaging parts fo your new role! 

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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