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Onboarding Templates

We know that different employees have different data requirements, such as by location, employment status or department.


Sapling’s Onboarding Templates allow you to build employee record templates and select which template to use on step #2 of the onboarding flow. This means you can set-up different onboarding templates to help automate your onboarding flow.

For example, employees across different departments, locations, etc. may need to fill out different information during preboarding. Creating an onboarding template empowers Sapling admins to efficiently send their new hires only the relevant information that needs to be collected.

How to create a new Onboarding Template?

On Step #2 - Confirm Info, Super Admins will be able to Save Template with the information to be collected. As currently available, Super Admins can manage the visibility of the fields in each section using the Hide or Show options. This controls what fields are collected during onboarding and can be used for creation of new templates.

Templates will provide the ability for Super Admins to save these visibility settings as a Template. If saved, the visibility of the fields in the three sections is saved as part of the template.

  • Completed by Admin (you)
  • Completed by New Hire
  • Completed by Manager

When creating a new template, you need to do the following:

  • Override the current template or Save New Template
  • Add Template Name

Once a Template is saved, it can be used for the onboarding of future new hies.

*Please note that you can only save up to 10 templates.

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