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Onboarding Templates

Different employees have different data requirements based on their location, employment status or department. Learn how to build customized onboarding templates to make collecting data a breeze.

What are onboarding templates? 

Sapling’s Onboarding Templates allow you to build custom employee record templates based on department, location, or employment status. 

The goal of onboarding templates is to make it easy for Admins to select the correct data that needs to be collected based off of unique employee needs during preboarding.

How to create a new template

Onboarding templates are assigned and created during Step 2 (Confirm Info) phase of the onboarding flow.

To create a new onboarding template, start by onboarding a new hire.

When you get to Step 2 (Confirm Info), review the fields of data you'd like to have templatized. You will have the option to edit the fields of data collected from you (the Super Admin), the new hire, and the manager. Super Admins can manage the visibility of each field by using the Hide or Show options.

When you've finalized the information you'd like to collect, scroll to the bottom and select "Save as Template."

Now, next time you go to onboard a new hire you can use the purple dropdown menu to select the template you previously created and quickly auto-populate the desired fields of data.

How to edit existing templates

To edit existing templates, navigate to Step 2 of the onboarding flow when you're onboarding a new hire. Select an existing template, add/edit your desired fields, and click "Save Template" when complete. This will re-write over the previous template with your updates.

*Note: Sapling can save up to 10 templates.

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