Getting Started for Admins

Onboarding a New Hire

Using Sapling, you can coordinate a streamlined and consistent onboarding across all stakeholders of the team member's experience.

To set this up, you need to initiate an on-boarding in Sapling’s Admin section.

Step #1 - Create Profile

Fill out any additional information needed for the new hire.​

Step #2 - Team member Profile

There will be three sections displayed that need to be completed by you (the admin), your new hire, and by their manager.

You will need to fill out any information required by the admin first, in order to move to the next step in the process. Be sure to save any recurring profile set ups as an onboarding template for future use.

You also have the ability to view the other fields that will be collected from the new hire and manager.

During a new hires on-boarding, People Operations teams often rely on collecting multiple pieces of information from the new hires manager. With Sapling’s manager form all the information needed from the new hires Manager is collected before the new hire starts. Note: that in order for the manager form to be sent, the manager needs to be assigned to the new hire within pre-boarding. You can learn more about the manager form here.

Step #3 - Assign Activities

You will assign any documents that the new hire needs to complete and assign any workflows that should be sent to task owners.

Step #4 - Send Invite

Select the onboarding email template you want to send to your new hire. You can also add any additional information that may be required and upload any additional documents.

Step #5 - (Optional) Schedule Welcome Email

On the last step of the onboarding flow you have the ability to schedule a welcome email. These are generally sent out a few days prior to the new hires start date and include any additional information they may need to be successful on their firstday.​

​Once the welcome email has been scheduled, select Initiate On-boarding.

This will complete the following actions:

  1. The new hire will be sent an invitation to Sapling
  2. The new hire will be added to your Onboarding Dashboard
  3. Any future emails will be scheduled
  4. Any relevant stakeholders will be notified

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