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Offboarding an Existing Team Member

How to use Sapling to coordinate a streamlined and consistent offboarding experience.

Use Sapling's Offboarding module to ensure visibility over all critical tasks for departing team members. Just like onboarding, you can create a consistent and repeatable process to ensure a smooth transition!

How to Offboard a Team Member

To initiate offboarding, navigate from Home > Dashboard. Click on "Offboard" in the upper righthand corner.

First, you will need fill out the associated information for the team member to confirm offboarding.

  • Full Name
  • Termination Type (Voluntary, Involuntary, or Other)
  • Eligible For Rehire (Yes, No, Upon Review)
  • Date of Termination the official last date of employment
  • Last Day Worked used in relation to assigning activities. For example, if you have an offboarding workflow with different tasks, those tasks will be associated with a due date, and that date will be in relation to last day worked.


Next, you can re-assign roles.

  • If a manager is offboarded, you can reassign their former direct reports to a new manager
  • Active tasks can be reassigned to new task owners
  • Templated Workflows can get removed or reassigned to other team members. keeping them within Sapling even after your former team member leaves the organization
  • You can control when new managers or task owners are notified

Step 3: You can determine Access Cut Off Date to specify when the offboarded employee should no longer have access to Sapling. You will have two options:

  • Immediate: incase the termination is involuntary and you need for security reason to end their access immediately
  • Custom date: specify a date and time for when access should be terminated to accommodate for team members in different timezones

Step 4: You can assign workflows with tasks that are required to be completed by the team member prior to their departure.

Step 5: Send the offboarding email. The email outlines exit procedure and can be customized.

Offboarding vs. deleting team member data

Offboarding team members keeps their profile information. You'll be able to access the team member's information in the future and have visibility into the information that was on file.

Deleting team members
will remove their profile information from Sapling entirely as if they never existed. We do not recommend to ever delete a team member (unless in the case of an accidental duplicate account).

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