Product Updates

Nov 21st, 2019 - Mobile experience improvements, updated customization abilities, and a sneak preview of what's next!

As the winter holiday season kicks into high gear, we want to make sure Sapling is there for you to make those out-of-office times less hectic.

A big focus of this release was centered on the mobile Sapling no matter where the holidays take you, you'll be ready for anything 💪🥳

Mobile milestones this release 🎉

  • All team members can look up their own time off balances or make a new time off request right from their mobile devices
  • Managers can approve time off requests as well get instant visibility on who is out
  • Everyone can now complete tasks from any mobile device
  • Search & Directory also work great on mobile now too - and better yet, we made finding emails and phone numbers super easy as well!

Other useful improvements 🛠

-Time Off reports now have the option to include inactive users (to help getting the full picture when running historical reports)

-We added a global setting to allow you to choose how you want names to display throughout Sapling Profiles, Directory, and Org Chart. Now you can choose from different options including:

  • Preferred + Last (Default)
  • First + Last
  • First  + Preferred + Last
  • Preferred Only
  • Preferred + Last
  • Last, First

Coming up next: Smart Assignment!💡

Over the next couple of months, you are going to see some extremely exciting changes to Documents, Workflows, and Email Templates. Soon, you will be able to group and designate workflows by type (ex: onboarding, offboarding, promotions, etc) as well as by Department, Location, or Employment Status.

Why this is exciting? We can help you stay one step ahead of the game by suggesting what workflow/documents/etc would apply during an employee lifecycle event...significantly speeding up your process deciding what to assign 🏎

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