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Navigating the Sapling Org Chat

How to filter/group your Org Chart in Sapling

*Note: this is an add-on feature that might not be applicable to your set up. If you did not purchase the Org Chart but would like to learn more, please reach out to :) 

Sapling’s Org Chart is designed to give your team a visual way to interact with and understand the broader team and their relationships. 

To navigate to the Org Chart, from the top nav menu go to People > Org Chart. From there, use your mouse to drag the screen around to explore the full chart. 

When you hover over a profile, you have two options: 1) By clicking the arrows, you can view that person’s direct reports. 2) By clicking on the person’s name, you can instantly go to their Sapling profile. 

The Sapling Org chart also has a few unique features: 

  1. The ability to share a link directly to the org chart without sharing any other data (Org Chart > Share > and copy the URL) 
  2. The ability to color code the Org Chart by Group Types (for ex: Department, Location, etc). To filter by Group Types, click the color icon next to the “Share” button. 

*Note: if your teams are organized in a unique way (for ex: you have team “Squads” for your engineering project teams) - we suggest setting up a Group for this to be reflected in your Org Chart. There are two ways to think about groups: there are Group Types (for ex: Department, Location, etc) as well as Subgroups that are nestled within the Group Type (for ex: under the “Department” Group Type, you would find Subgroups like Marketing, Engineering, Operations, etc). 

  1. To add a new Group Type, go to Groups > Create New Group Type.

  1. To add a new Subgroup, go to Groups > Select what Group Type  > Add New 

Once your Groups are added - you use those to filter your results back in the Org Chart!

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