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Jan 30, 2019 - Bulk Manager Reassignment, Assigning tasks to new coworker relationships and Customizing Your Team Introductions

Bulk Manager Reassignment

Super admins can now bulk edit manager assignments.

From the people directory, select the team members that need a new manager and the effective date. Sapling will then bulk re-assign all the individuals.

To prevent duplicate emails, be sure your new manager email is correctly setup by heading to Email Settings.

Assign tasks to new coworker relationships

Most program leads are comfortable assigning tasks to Buddy’s or Managers, but what about the Office Managers?

You can now create coworker relationships in Sapling and assign them tasks to complete in relation to an employee. The Manager and Buddy are two permanent coworker fields, but you can create many more such as IT Admin, Country or Office Managers.

To use this feature, simply create a new coworker field in Sapling and you’ll be able to assign them tasks to complete.

Customize Your Team Introductions For New Hires

Admins can now modify the people settings via the Company Setup tool.

These settings inform the new hire experience, and in this section you can:

  • Manage the display of the onboarding class
  • Manage the display of the team section
  • Modify the section titles (for example, "Your New Team Members" instead of "Your Team")

Note,  that if both are turned off, then only the manager and buddy are introduced to new hires.

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