Getting Started for Admins

How Your Team Members can Access Sapling

How to invite your team members into the Sapling platform.

Beyond your Onboarding team, the rest of your company also plays a critical part in Sapling's success. As Sapling is a task management system for the entire employee lifecycle, every member of your company will have a Sapling profile to be able to learn more about their peers, complete necessary tasks, and keep their information up to date.

There are two quick ways to ensure all team members receive their Sapling invitation:

  1. Inviting people straight from their Profile page
  2. Send invitations to multiple people through the People Directory

Invite from their Profile page

When your Sapling account was created, your Implementation Manager uploaded all of your team members into the platform to create their profiles.

If you would like to invite a specific team member to the platform, first navigate to that person's profile (either straight from the search bar or from the People Directory/Org Chart).

In the upper righthand corner of their profile, select "Actions". Choose "Resend Invite".

Bulk invite multiple people into Sapling

If you're ready to invite multiple team members into Sapling, you can do so using the Bulk Editing tool in the People Directory.

To view the People Directory, navigate from Home > People. Use the checkboxes to select the people you'd like to invite. From the Bulk Edit menu, select "Send Invite".

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