Setting up Sapling

How to set up automated emails in Sapling

How to set up, edit, and customize the emails you send to your team

A key benefit in Sapling is the ability to send automated emails to your team along every step of the employee lifecycle. Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to customize your communications....while saving you as much time as possible along the way!

Types of emails in Sapling

Sapling sends three different types of emails: 

  1. Company: emails that are sent to team members during pre-boarding or offboarding (for ex: welcome email, offboarding next steps, etc)
  2. Platform: emails that notify internal stakeholders of specific events or updates (for ex: when a new manager is assigned, when a document is completed, etc) 
  3. Alert Emails: custom notifications to inform specific individuals about a specific event or update (for ex: new hire announcement, weekly metrics email, etc) 

Company Emails

There are 3 default Company emails that come pre-built in the Sapling platform: 

  1. General Onboarding: the email new hires will receive when being welcomed to join the Sapling platform
  2. Welcome email: the email new hires will receive before starting their first day (explaining things like where to go, what to bring, etc)
  3. General Offboarding: the email team members will receive when they're being offboarded (notifying them of next steps) 

To edit these emails, go to Emails > Company > click on which email you'd like to edit.

*Note: At this time, there are the only emails that can be automatically sent from Sapling during the on/offboarding process - but stay tuned for an update in January 2019 when we're planning to release the Sapling Smart Inbox that features infinite emailing capabilities :)

Platform Emails

Sapling comes pre-built with standard Platform alert emails notifying stakeholders of events.

To edit these emails, go to Emails > Platform > click on which email you'd like to edit. You can also enable or disable each email using the checkboxes on the righthand side.

Alert Emails

To notify specific individuals about certain events, you can create alert emails for employee lifecycle events like Terminations, Time Off request/approvals, New Hire announcements and weekly Sapling metrics.

To edit Alerts, go to Emails > Alerts > click on the alert you'd like to edit. To add a new alert email, go to Emails > Alerts > Create Alert, select the alert time, and specify who should receive this alert (can be customized based on Department, Location, Employment Status, or Permission Group).

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