Getting Started for Admins

How to maximize Smart Emails for the entire Employee Lifecycle

Get a feel for how HR leaders are using Smart Emails to automate their employee communication

Thanks to Smart Emails, you can now templatize and schedule emails to be sent to your team at any point during their time at your company. Our goal is to use templatizing and auto-scheduling as a way to free up as much of your time as possible so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

What emails should I automate? 

With the ability to turn an unlimited number of emails into scheduled templates, it can be daunting to know where to start. Here is a list of a few examples we've compiled from People Team Leaders that have maximized their use of Smart Emails:

  1. Intro/Welcome emails
  2. Buddy introductions
  3. 30/60/90 day check-ins
  4. Orientation week logistics
  5. Breakdown of employee benefits
  6. W2 Tax Information
  7. Tutorials or trainings that need to be completed
  8. Monthly invitations for all-hands meetings
  9. Annual review meetings
  10. FYIs on where to find the most important HR process information
  11. Birthdays
  12. Anniversaries
  13. Offsite details
  14. 1-on-1 reminders
  15. Congratulations on a promotion
  16. Relocation information and next steps
  17. Open enrollment reminders
  18. End of year bonus announcements
  19. New office opening announcements
  20. Custom offboarding messaging

While this list is a great source for inspiration, ultimately you can turn any repeatedly sent email into a template that can be scheduled at any time! To learn how to automate this process, check out How to set up Automated Emails in Sapling.

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